Video summing up amazing replication of retro 8-bit video game Ghibli game is a must see for fans! Level of replication is off the scale!


Works by Ghibli Studio are some of the most famous Japanese anime movies. It turns out that there are video game replicas of ‘Spirited Away’ and Princess ‘Mononoke’!

Photo: CineFix YouTube Screenshot

Visuals, music, everything that is wonderful about a Ghibli production, can all this really be expressed in 8-bit visuals? If you thought that, we suggest that you read Takahashi’s thorough comment.

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Known all there is to know is 4 mins 38 secs! Spirited Away

This video has been viewed over 1,500,000 times since its release in April 2015. For a short while following its release, there were only a few Japanese who knew of this video. But since the ‘Spirited Away’ broadcast on a privately owned television network along with a tweet announcing the Spirited Away video game inspired video last month, it was brought back to the spotlight. It was good timing in that it was just after a whole lot of people had just reviewed the story of Spirited Away on TV. A large number of viewers were taken aback my the quality of replication of everything, including the story, music, and characters.

There is also a version of this other Ghibli production.

‘Princess Mononoke’ has been summed up in 3 mins 20 seconds. Each of the settings a characters are introduced with care. Even under the limitation of 8-bit production, the visuals and music are put together brilliantly sharing the world of Ghibli.

Who are the creators?

The answer to this question is, the Creator Group made up of producers, actors, and animators, ‘CINEFIX’.
You can find out more on the CINEFIX official Facebook page.

In addition to the two productions that we mentioned above, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke, there is also a number of huge hit movies remade in 8-bit. Some are as short as 90 seconds, and some as long as 5 minutes, put together in well rounded productions.

Two Ghibli productions were a part of the side-scroll action world up until now, but now they are being reinvented in the style of RPG (role playing games). Players can pick up items, become friends with the characters, overcome huge enemies, and thoroughly realise the mastery of this production that allows those familiar with the storyline to realise and to feel how the story is itself like an RPG.

Other remakes of famous movies such as Titanic and Star Wars can be viewed on Youtube. And even if you watch one of the productions that you are not familiar with the original story, the perfect 8bit production is still impressive and fun to watch.

Top Photo: CineFix YouTube Screenshot


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