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Delicious and Useful Japanese Souvenirs


When we come across to choose what souvenirs we should buy and it actually takes a lot of times to finalize what to buy.
If it comes to Japanese foods, we have to think about the expired date.
For those who don’t want to spend a lot of time into choosing souvenirs then here’s some food that you can buy from the grocery shops in Japan.

(Photo by minoir)

(Photo by minoir)

1.Kombu products (kelp products)
Kombu (kelp) is an important keyword of Japanese food, it’s “umami” to provide stock excellent in flavor and richly containing palatable components.
Kombu is one kind of Japanese taste, but not a lot of people know how to use them for your dishes.
So, here are some Kombu products that you can easily use.

There’re “Shio Kombu (Salted Kombu)” which cut in pieces and powdered “Kombu-cha (kombu tea)”.
These products are good to use into the pickles with vegetables for the seasoning instead of using salt and it will add umami as well.
One more product which has been very popular these days is “Tororo Kombu (shredded kombu)” as known as dried Kombu is softened in vinegar marinade before being shaved.

(Photo by Hidetsugu Tonomura)

(Photo by Hidetsugu Tonomura)

2.Soy Products
Soy products as known as Miso, soy source, and tofu are indispensable for Japanese traditional food.
Even out of those, “Kinako (Soybean flour)” and “Okara Powder (soy pulp)” are the most suitable products for souvenirs.
Kinako is a powder of grilled and crushed soybeans and it mainly uses for Japanese cuisine such as Japanese confectionary. Kinako has a healthy topping and flavoring which contains B vitamins and protein. Mix them with milk, soy milk, or smoothies can be taken nutrition as delicious drinks.
Okara is the insoluble carbohydrate residue that is left over after the production of soymilk or tofu.
Since long time ago, Okara was substituted as flour because it contains three basic types of soy fiber such dietary fiber, insoluble dietary fiber and soluble dietary fiber, but the problem was it didn’t last long.
Due to the production of Okara power as in the dried power, a lot of Okara foods have been produced and now it’s easy to eat. They have low fat cookies and cake.
These foods are strong supporters for the people who are on diet.

Healthy Japanese foods have always attracted everyone all around the world.
Why don’t you put in the souvenir lists for the long lasting and reasonable foods that can be used for a lot of dishes?

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