Japan’s original gravure idol brought back to life with latest Japanese technology in photo collection goes on sale


Agnes Lum was the original gravure idol in Japan in the 70’s and left a legacy behind her. That beauty from long ago has been given a renewed life using the latest technology. Vivid imageries of precious shots have been recreated and put together in a photo collection ‘1974 Memories’. This collection is now on sale and is proving to be a huge hit.

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Agnes Lum was born in Hawaii, to an American mother and Chinese-American father. After graduating from high school she began attending a modeling school and worked as a freelance model. She was featured in a Kodak Camera commercial in 1975, which shot her to fame instantly. Since then, she has also starred in commercials for other major companies such as Lion Corporation, Toyota, Asahi Kasei, Glico, and more. Her cute facial features, disproportionally voluptuous bust, and golden brown skin gave her an aura of a fairy from paradise. She grew in popularity among the Japan’s youth at the time, causing Agnes fever to strike Japan in an instant, and securing her spot as one of the forerunners of gravure modeling in Japan.

According to the press release for the release, the new photo collection was created based on 30 shots taken by photographer Akira Iketani and stored in reversal film for a calendar. Those film shots taken of Lum, 18 years old at the time, have been beautifully recreated using the latest technology.

Photo: 撮影/池谷朗 Licensed by excor inc.,and soon inc.,

This photo collection also features many previously unreleased shots, as well as a number of precious shots taken of Lum in Hawaii not long after her debut. This new collection has gone viral among fans.

And while the photos are from over 40 years ago, the remade photos feature Lum with measurements of B86 W58 H86, allowing readers to enjoy her at her best proportion finished in a style that is worth of the title ‘New Classic’ in Japan’s gravure world.

This 80 full colour page photo collection of Lum, who at one point in time enchanted the whole of Japan, is now on sale.

Agnes Lum Photo Collection ‘1974 Memories’

Top Photo: futabasha Press Release


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