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Have you heard of the artificial DJ that Japan’s youth are going crazy for?


In recent years, there has been a number of large scale festivals along with conceptual music events. But now there is a new innovation, a DJ set that allows humans to interact and play songs along with an artificial DJ. DIGITAL CHOC 2017 is a music event in Tokyo with live performance event ‘Yokubou suru kikai (lit. a machine with desires) – Live Machine’.

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This is a French-Japanese media art event, being held in Tokyo this month. In addition to the AI DJ, there is also performances by German and French media artists.

At this event, the AI DJ is getting a lot of attention in particular. The concept of which is to create an experimental performance using the best technology while feeling out how a human and artificial DJ go together in terms of expression. This has been done 5 times in the past. Famous Japanese media artist Rhizomatiks (Daito Manabe) performed at AI DJ creator Qosmo’s Nao Tokui’s event ‘2045’ has caused a wave of interest. Each performance is updated from the previous, and this time the DJ could have more physical control using real records and turn table. They performed a ‘Back 2 Back SET’ that is a fusion of human and AI DJ elements that stunned the audience.

Photo: Qosmo Press Release

Once again this time, the AI DJ performance also with Nao Toku, and they put on an updated version ‘Back 2 Back SET’, so good you’d be hard set peeling your eyes away from the show!

With its case in Tokyo at the moment, the Japanese media art scene is undergoing sudden growth, and has caught the attention of the masses. For those of you interested in the latest developments in Japanese culture, make sure to check out this event.

Live Performance ‘Yokubou suru kikai -Live Machine-’
Time: 17 Feb 2017 (Fri) 19:00 doors open
Venue: ShibuyaWWW



Top Photo: Mao Yamamoto / Qosmo Press Release

ONE OK ROCK new album ‘Ambitions’ now on sale! A first of its kind ‘Wearable listening gathering’ also to be held!

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