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Beautiful VR artist gaining traction with the next big trend in Japan, Aimi Sekiguchi


VR began to appear throughout the various forms of entertainment in Japan in 2016. Aim Sekiguchi is a beautiful artist who uses this temporary imaginary reality to create cutting edge Art. She is now receiving a lot attention from new gadget lovers in Japan.

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Aimi Sekiguchi was formerly a Japanese Idol and singer, but around summer of last year, she released her very own VR Art video on YouTube. Her VR Art performances and so on are seen as hugely innovative and have grabbed the attention of many.

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In particular, she uses Google VR painting software ‘Tilt Brush’ to paint 3D pieces, and in doing so she fuses elements of Japanese and Asian culture with the latest state of the art technology. She creates her very own works of Art, which have been very well received in both Japan and over seas. She has also received a number of offers to make VR Art, or to perform.

She is doing all this, in order for more and more people to enjoy the fun of VR Art. She started accepting donations in November of last year for a solo exhibition on crowd funding website GREEN FUNDING by T-SIT. The website pulled in over three times the expected amount of donations, and bit by bit her talent as an innovative artist is being recognised throughout Japan. And thanks to the funds donated, this month the world’s first VR Art Solo Exhibit ‘Daydream Reality’ will be held over three days in Tokyo. And since it has gone viral, many media outlets such as TV etc have their lenses firmly focused on it.

Last year, 2016 was known as the ‘VR Birth Year’ as the latest technology became widely known around the world. And this year artists such as Aimi Sekiguchi will undoubtedly make even more people stop and take a look at VR Art. Here at WWM, we have selected our top picks of her works that are gaining traction on the VR Art scene.

Aimi Sekiguchi Official site: https://vr-aimi.officialsite.co/

Top Photo: せきぐちあいみ Official site


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