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The Largest Anime Event, “Animelo Summer Live”


An Anime song as Anison is the important scenes for complete the Anime from the beginning to the end.
“Anisama (Animelo Summer Live)” has a big history and it is the largest live events than any other subcultures. This year’s event will be held on 26th till 28th of August 2016 at Saitama Super Arena.

Abusana live event started since 2005 every single year.
Last year, they hit the records of the number of mobilizations of 81,000 people and if you want to enjoy Anison then this is the one.
The features of Anisama is the casts and the recording labels as performers.
The main performers are Anison singers and voice actors.

Music is not only being showcased. There are games, special effects, and wide ranges up to original songs.
In addition, all the live theme has been created annually by each different artist.
Each of the artist to be showcased also belongings to the different label session and it is also make the performance attractive and enjoyable that you can’t see in the normal scenes.

As of today, some of the performers have been announced.
Anison singers are Eil Aoi and LiSA and actor singers are Maaya Uchida and Saori Hayami as those who are already familiar in the anime world.

Moreover, Pile from “Love Live! School Idol Project” and Suzuko Mimori from “Osomatsu San”s’ A O P are now popular enough to become a trend.

There are 2 more other performers the voice actors’ unit, “Yui kaori” and “Resound Euphonium” by Yui Okura and Kaori Ishihara.

This is a great live event for those who love Anime and Anison since each singers and voice actors who represents Japan Anime World.

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