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Key points of this week’s ‘Here Comes Asa!’ Constant quarrelling between Asa and her daughter, until finally Chiyo runs away from home? When she leaves, Asa reacts by…


Read on for a round up of eagerly awaited episodes 103 to 108 of ‘Here Comes Asa’, now showing on WAKUWAKU JAPAN.

Business at the Kano Bank is going well, and Asa is featured in an article in the newspaper as she becomes known as an entrepreneur. But Asa is out of her mind worrying about Chiyo, her daughter who won’t listen to a word she says. They quarrel often, and it seems that what is bothering Chiyo is…

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Then one day, Hatsu’s son Ainosuke proclaims that he wants to work at the Kano Bank. Asa allows this, and she says to Ainosuke, who is as at this stage overjoyed, that…

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Asa had spent quite some time thinking about the path for women in society, and decides to employ women at the bank. Shinjiro, Eizaburō, and Heijūrō are all against the idea. However, Asa is persistent and manages to persuade them to go along with it. Asa carries out the interviews herself and begins to employ female banking staff.

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Shinjiro suggests that Chiyo, who has been quarreling with Asa constantly of late, enroll in Kyoto school for girls. Then one day, Hatsu comes from Wakayama to the Kano Bank. She brings Ainosuke, who has proclaimed a desire to work at Kano Bank, back to Wakayama for the time being. Whatsmore, the bank now has female employees which earn it a name for its bright atmosphere compared to other banks, attracting new customers.

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A couple of months on Chiyo has taken her place in a dorm at Kyoto School for Girls. And Shinjiro suggests that he and Asa take a little trip together. The destination he has in mind is Wakayama.

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Here Comes Asa!

Starring: Haru, Hiroshi Tamaki, Shinobu Terajima, Dean Fujioka. In late 19th century Japan, at a time when women were rarely in the limelight, there lived a colorful female entrepreneur, Asa, in the merchant city of Osaka. Asa worked hard not just to make money, but also to realize a world where everyone is happier than now.


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