Asa is back! Asa is better after her recent incident, and the reason her family are dumbfounded is…


Summary of eagerly awaited episodes 121 to 126 of ‘Here Comes Asa’, currently showing on WAKUWAKU JAPAN. After narrowly escaping death, Asa sees a dream with Tomoatsu Godai and Shokichi. And when she awakens…

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Shinjiro and Chiyo have had enough of Asa who wants to leave hospital and get back to work as soon as possible despite the fact that her wound is still sore.

Meanwhile at Kano Bank, Heijuro and the others are delighted by the news that Asa is on the mend. Chiyo, who has been tending to her mother constantly meets a boy called Keisuke in the hospital hallway…

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Remaining in her room, Asa ends up spending the night with Shinjiro and Chiyo. Asa speaks to Chiyo about things from long ago, such as when she first met Shinjiro, and when they were newly weds. And then Chiyo reacts by…

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The following day, Hatsu and Sobei come to visit Asa. Chiyo mentions something to Hatsu, who is worried. Next, Ayako Okuma also pays Asa a visit. And she has some very important news to share with Asa…

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Narisawa also comes to Asa’s side. Narisawa is feeling down, so Asa says to him… Asa goes home form the hospital when she is feeling better, and goes back to Kano Bank… Meanwhile, in Hatsu’s household in Wakayama, something happens to Kiku…

Bringing you this week’s ‘Here Comes Asa!’ in the beautiful scenery of mandarin orange groves

Key points of this week’s ‘Here Comes Asa!’ Constant quarrelling between Asa and her daughter, until finally Chiyo runs away from home? When she leaves, Asa reacts by…

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Here Comes Asa!

Starring: Haru, Hiroshi Tamaki, Shinobu Terajima, Dean Fujioka. In late 19th century Japan, at a time when women were rarely in the limelight, there lived a colorful female entrepreneur, Asa, in the merchant city of Osaka. Asa worked hard not just to make money, but also to realize a world where everyone is happier than now.


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