The women’s university finally opens its door! This weeks round up of ‘Here Comes Asa!’.


Round up of eagerly awaited episodes 139 to 142 of ‘Here Comes Asa’ now showing on WAKUWAKU JAPAN.

Asa receives an earnest request from Yono, while the matchmaking between Chiyo and Keisuke Higashiyanagi looks to materialise, and they go to Ayaka Okuma who is a close friend of the Higashiyanagi’s for advice. She pleasantly promises to help them.

The final adjustments are being made to open the gates of the women’s university. Asa and Narusawa try to draw as much attention to what they are doing by holding a huge entrepreneur gathering, while they are undergoing the difficult task of collecting donations for the university. And as their actions become a hot topic, those against higher education for women also come out of the woodwork.

Asa is heavily criticised by the public and gets down in herself, and Narusawa spurs her on with his words. Meanwhile in Wakayama, Sobei reveals that he is considering parting with the mountains and giving them to Hatsu. Ainosuke suggests a new method that should make cultivating the mikan less work, and says that he will continue to take care of the mikan plantation as a family.

Keisuke claims to want to see Chiyo in her bridal attire, but his proposal doesn’t proceed as planned. Shinjiro and Yono try to make something happen.

There is a volunteer with high hopes for the Hinode Women’s University, and preparations advance swiftly towards the opening of the university. And finally, the official opening day comes. Asa speaks of her fiery desire for women’s education that she has gathered together to attend the university.

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Here Comes Asa!

Starring: Haru, Hiroshi Tamaki, Shinobu Terajima, Dean Fujioka. In late 19th century Japan, at a time when women were rarely in the limelight, there lived a colorful female entrepreneur, Asa, in the merchant city of Osaka. Asa worked hard not just to make money, but also to realize a world where everyone is happier than now.


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