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Rise in popularity for part-Southeast Asian part-Japanese entertainers!


There has been a buzz about mixed-race talent (TV personalities) in the Japanese world of entertainment recently. Here we will take a look at some popular entertainers who are part Southeast Asia, Indian and more. Perhaps you’re familiar with a few?

1. Asuka Saito (Myanmar/Burma & Japan)

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Asuka is currently the new central performer with AKB48’s official rival group, Nogizaka46. Her biggest asset is 18 cm, her face. Her petite face is probably the smallest in Japan’s entertainment world! And her lovely round eyes give her that puppy dog look. She also works as a professional magazine model, and is gaining popularity with both male and female fans. Her nickname is ‘Ashu’.

2. Elaiza Ikeda (The Philippines & Japan)

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Elaiza has gained quite a reputation for her cute selfies and healthy looking sexy images which she shares on Instagram. She is known as a selfie queen among high school girls. And the ‘Elaiza Pose’, made by holding your chin while puckering your lips is also hugely popular. Starting out as a magazine model, she has become popular as an actress too.

3. Alan Shirahama

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Alan is a member of one of Japan’s best known male vocal groups, Exile. He is popular for his sharp dance moves. Alan is also active in the acting world, and his sister, Loveli, is a popular model. Together, these siblings are highly envied for their good looks.

Moving on, we’ll take a look at a couple more personalities of mixed race, although they aren’t Southeast Asians.

Ayona Maha (India & Japan)

Within just 4 months of being scouted last year, Ayona made her runway debut at Tokyo Girls Collection, a famous fashion event featuring the latest trends for youths. She was a mere 13 years old at the time! Ayona is expected to reach an international level of modeling in the future with a 1:9 head to body ratio and outstanding style.

Hugely popular Lola (Bangladesh & Japan & Russia) Lola features in the newest addition to the ‘Biohazard’ series, due to be released at the end of this year. Her father is from Bangladesh, and her mother is part Japanese part Russian. Blessed with good looks, she is gaining attention worldwide. Lola began as a model, progressed to become a variety TV talent (celebrity), and is proving multi-talented as she is now also active as an actress and singer. There’s no doubt that she can look forward to an exciting future, both here in Japan and abroad!

We hope you can find your favourite entertainer to cheer on from the mixed race personalities who are currently experiencing a rise in popularity here in Japan!

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