The thrill you all know has grown and is back! What to look out for in popular anime ‘Attack on Titan Season 2’!


This anime is based the original manga production, and has become a huge hit around the world. Attack on Titan is back with a second season!

It is making a comeback exactly 4 years since the first release of season 1 in 2013.

In terms of visuals, sound, power, and thrill, this series brought them all and now has turned up the heat reaching levels that we have never seen before.

The broadcast is scheduled to begin in April 2017. We can’t help wondering just where the storyline will take us in this new season. WWM will take on the task of reviewing the basics of Attack on Titan. Those of you who already know this anime can take a look through to get back on board for the new season, and those who have yet to see it can get a comprehensive look at the perspective of this production by reading through to the end.

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What kind of story is Attack on Titan?

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Before the new season, this is the perfect chance for Attack on Titan aficionados and the clueless alike to take a good look back over the story so far!

The human race is almost destroyed by a human eating race of giants who appear out of the blue. To protect themselves, the remaining humans build three large walls surrounding an enclosure where they continue to live.

But one day, a new kind of giant, a super huge giant, and a giant wearing armour appear, and break down part of the wall.

The main protagonist’s mother is eaten by a giant, and he and his friends decided to fight the giants.

This forms the base of the story for this series.

How will the story progress in Season 2?

‘Attack on Titan’ was first aired in April of 2013, 4 years ago.

The story covers 8 chapters and 33 episodes of the original manga, and season 2 is expected to pick up from the 8th chapter episode 34.

If it does continue from this point, then season 2 should reveal the true identity of the super huge giant and the armoured giant. The enemy giants will increase in variety, with beast giants etc, and the ever increasingly horrifying enemies are part of a growing story that is not to be missed!

Humans are desperately trying to survive, using numerous detailed strategies, becoming more experienced with the traits and movements of the giants that they are at the mercy of, in what is more than anything, an overwhelmingly powerful enemy.

You will definitely be treated to a new kind of thrill with ‘Attack on Titan Season 2’, the top not to be missed anime coming out this spring!

Attack on Titan Season 2

Top Photo: ©諫山創・講談社/「進撃の巨人」製作委員会


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