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Irresistible for cat lovers! Cat tongue left sticking out Oil-blotting paper!


We want to get straight to the point here. Have you seen the cat with its tongue left sticking out? It’s so cute as its tongue peeps out after grooming or when lazing around.

The slightly silly expression will leave a complacent smile on your face. This poor little cat with his tongue sticking out is actually oil-blotting paper.

(Photo by クレジット)
Photo byYOU+MORE! プレスリリース

(Photo by クレジット)
Photo byYOU+MORE! プレスリリース

This item is a collaboration between humorous accessories maker ‘YOU+MORE!’ and ‘Felissimo Nekobu’. There is a total of 6 varieties of these poor little kitties who have left their tongue poking out, and each pack contains 30 sheets of oil-blotting paper. Part of the price of your purchase will be used to support caring for activities such as caring for animals without homes, finding homes for them, reducing the multiplication of street cats, and caring for animals in times of natural disaster.

Neko no Shita no Shimaiwasure Aburatorigami no Kai (Cats with tongues left sticking out Group)

Details: Oil-blotting paper 30 sheets 2 Packets (Different design) Made in Japan
More: http://www.feli.jp/s/pr16112902/2/ (Japanese only)

Top Photo: YOU+MORE!プレスリリース


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