What is life like for university students in Japan’s top snowy wonderland?


Hokkaido University is located in Sapporo, famous for its ‘Yuki Matsuri’, aka snow festival. Did you know about this connection with the well known sightseeing spot, the Hokkaido Clock Tower?

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The Sapporo Clock Tower is one of Sapporo’s popular sightseeing spots. Along with the snow festival that is held in Sapporo, it is one of Hokkaido’s symbolic images. It was constructed as a task by the Hokkaido School of Agriculture in 1878. It was used as a central auditorium for school events such as the school’s opening ceremony, marking training, PE lessons, and more. And low and behold, the Sapporo Agricultural College is the establishment that proceeded Hokkaido University, the university under the spotlight in this episode of Catch Your Dream. Meaning that Hokkaido University is rooted in local history and tradition.

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The vestige of Sapporo Agricultural College remains in the form of a very active agriculture faculty in Hokkaido University. During the program, we are introduced to said faculty’s greenhouse, botanical garden, and historical museum. The Hokkaido University Museum is open to the general public. We highly recommend visiting during your trip to Sapporo!

The diversity that is to be expected of a place such as Hokkaido with lots of different cultures now attracting tourists from all around the world is given due consideration. For example, there are halal items on the menu in the campus cafe, halal snacks can also be purchased, and there is also a prayer room so that Muslim students too can adhere to their religious practice while attending classes.

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In each episode, international students introduce their favourite spots to us. And in this episode, we took a look at Sapporo’s skating rink. The students try out ice-skating with uncertain movements. It only takes a matter of hours for fast learners to get the hang of it, and then they are skating around brilliantly! It looks like something great to try out during the winter season right?!

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Hokkaido University, a prestigious establishment that has roots in the history of Sapporo, established over a century ago! Cultures from around the world come together here, where students can study in a sound environment created for them. Would you like to like to see what it is like to be a student in the unique winter wonderland of Hokkaido?

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Next week Catch Your Dream will take us to yet another winter wonderland.
This time in Niigata, a little closer to Tokyo!

Until next time!

What is life like for university students in Japan’s top snowy wonderland?


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