Could this be the birthplace of the latest technology? This week’s Catch Your Dream takes us to Tokyo’s Kogakuin University, a place where engineers and scientists come together, so we can find out what makes it so attractive!!!


Kogakuin University’s campuses are located in the relatively green area of Hachioji, and Shinjuku in the heart of Tokyo. Keep watching to find out what it is like for students who come here to study the latest and most innovative scientific techniques in Japan.

Kogakuin University is made up of four faculties, Advanced Engineering, Engineering, Architectural Studies, and Information Studies. Students at this university can learn for a wide pool of knowledge spanning a number of scientific fields, from the precise instruments required for mobile phones, to sustainable architecture that is not harmful to the environment.

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The students here who delves into their research here have their students meals to look forward to at lunch time.

A particularly popular item on the menu is a fried chicken dish that can be ordered in one of five flavours, soy sauce, salt, basil, salty sweet, spice, and sanzoku flavours.

Which one do you recommend is most popular?

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What we have in store for you in this episode are three host students who will show us to their favourite spots near the university.

First, we take a 20-minute train ride from the Hachioji campus to go hiking at Mt. Takao. At the top of the cable car ride, there is an amazing panoramic view of Tokyo. We visit the Yakuo-in Temple near the summit of Mt. Takao as we walk the mountain path.

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There is a little store along the way where you can enjoy delicious dang and mushroom broth while you take a rest too. A number of Mt. Takao’s lucky spots are also introduced in the program! Don’t miss this episode if you want 2017 to be a lucky year for you!

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Kogakuin University is a place where students can focus on their own research on the well equipped campuses with fulfilling science faculties.

If you want to learn more about student life at Kogakuin University, make sure to check out the full episode!


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We will be staying in Tokyo for next week’s edition of Catch Your Dream, where will be taking a look at the multi-faceted and multi-faculty university that is Teikyo University!

Until next time!


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