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Popular Japanese cosplayer Eri Kitami plans ‘rubber photo’.


Popular Japanese cosplayer Eri Kitami’s ‘Rubber Photo Collection’ where she wore a full-suit rubber outfit for a photoshoot is now looking for capital on a crowdfunding site.

Eri Kitami is a free model and cosplayer. Her trademark look is with black hair and red glasses. She active across a wide range of genres, and was selected as the semi-finalist for idol audition ‘Miss iD2017’. She is conscious of the rubber clothing fetish, and has written about it in various installments too.

(Photo by クレジット)

(Photo by CAMP FIRE)

In this photo collection project, Eri Kitami’s love for rubber is represented in shots of outfits such as ‘Rubber Cat’, among other extravagant and fetish rubber outfit shots. There are plans for paper production too.

Attention grabbing payout?

The goal amount for this crowd funding project is ¥1,200,000.
A CD-ROM with unreleased cuts, photoshoot ticket, and ¥200,000 (one person only), and a one-day date ticket for use in Tokyo are the return offer.

She has a very high reputation as a cosplayer and idol, and now the success of her new challenge is catching the eyes of fans.

Eri Kitami Rubber Photo Collection Project (Crowd funding site)

Eri Kitami Instagram


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