Tokyo’s sexy dance team ‘CYBERJAPAN DANCERS’ talk cute too!


Over the past few years, sexy goo dancer team ‘CYBERJAPAN DANCERS’ has grown in popularity with shows all over Japan, in various clubs throughout Asia, and even featuring on TV shows in Japan.

The Watanabe Sisters are seen as the most popular of the group, are not only popular for having chosen dancing as a full-time job, they have also gained a lot of fans thanks to their cute and comical contents on a radio show recently.

These girls are the feature personalities on ‘GAKUYAURA Radio’ programme. It is aired every second and fourth Tuesday of the month on Japan’s first dance specialty radio channel, block.fm. Every show, their producer and DJ Mitomi Tokoto runs rings around them, but Kanae (older sister) and Kazue’s (younger sister) comments are hugely popular every time!

During this show, the host and girls listen to issues that listeners are having and talk freely, sometimes bursting into song! This is all in between the latest EDM tunes. Nobody can predict how each show will unfold. And on top of that, other popular members from ‘CYBERJAPAN DANCERS’ make guest appearances from time to time. And their comments get all the more funny.

Listeners can enjoy the show live, or by listening to archives. Whichever you choose to listen to, you simply cannot miss out on the broadcast highlight video where you can see the girls in action!

In other news, the girls made their first photo collection with ‘CYBERJAPAN DANCERS’ at the start of this year. It is due to go on sale in February, are orders are reported to already be pouring in.

These girls who have taken to stages in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Singapore, are destined to become the most well known girl dance team in Asia this year!

ぷはぁ。今日はゆっくりしっとりじっくり眠れそうや(つω-`*)インドネシアでなぜか興奮状態のまま眠れなかったりしたけど、🇯🇵帰って来てからやたらとねむいよ😑💓笑 今頃になってやってきた #眠へー 💤 そしてね、みなさま告知なんですけども聞いてね(*^o^*) 12/24🎄 #クリスマスイブイブ の日、 #ドコモスマートフォンラウンジ名古屋 にて、TeamK 3曲ライブをさせていただきます🎤💕 Xmas SPECIAL EVENT🎅❤💖️ クリスマス スペシャル ステージ 12月24日(土) ①回目のステージが、14:00~(開場13:30~) ②回目のステージは、16:00~(開場15:30~)になります👌🏼💟 http://www.dcm-spl.com/info/info_syosai.php?info_no=1 ぜひぜひ、足を運んでいただけると嬉しいなぁ😭❤️❤️❤️ 今年もわずかながら、クリスマスにまさかのライブをさせていただける幸せ( ; ; )✨楽しみウッキー!😍🐒 さて、眠るぜよ〜\(^o^)/久しぶりのわが家🏠 #おさしみ っ💓 #cyberjapan #cyberjapandancers #サイバージャパン #サイバージャパンダンサーズ #TeamK #live #名古屋 #watanabekazue #かずへー #セクへー

渡辺 加和(かずへ〜)さん(@watanabekazue)が投稿した写真 –

http://www.cyberjapan.tv/ (Japanese only)

http://block.fm/ondemand/gakuyaura_radio/ (Japanese only)

Top photo by 渡辺加苗 Twitter


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