Famous Japanese DJ remix of Dean Fujioka’s popular song release


Dean Fujioka has gotten a lot of attention thanks to his role as Tomoatsu Godai in ‘Here Comes Asa!’, and received the best supporting actor award at the 2016 Tokyo Drama Awards, and is hugely popular throughout Asia. Japanese DJ TJO, who has appeared on international stages such as the ‘ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL’ in the US, has taken Dean Fujioka’s hit ‘History Maker’ and created a remix, that was released on December 9th.


(Photo by クレジット)

The song used for this remix, ‘History Maker’ is also the opening theme song for anime ‘Yuri!!! on ICE’, showing from this autumn. Dean Fujioka wrote both the lyrics and music for this song, and his appearance on a radio show hosted by famous brand Emporio Armani was the starting point for this project that TJO poured his personality into.

Dean Fujioka is not only a famous actor, but he is also a reputable songwriter. His song has been fused with a DJ who is at an international level performing on various international stages. This re-created song was a hot topic even before its release among fans in Japan.

You can listen to a sample of Dean Fujioka’s new song, and proceed to purchase from here.


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