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DFT’s superb MV, an instant hit in Japan and worldwide!


The production team of mimi and vivi make up ‘DFT’, and are now promoting their first album ‘STORY TO TELL’. The music videos for each of the songs on this album are short movies that can be joined together. The release of their music videos has made them an instant hit in not only Japan but they have also gone viral overseas thanks to YouTube.

(Photo by クレジット)

The music video has the actors rapping in sync with the songs, as well as a level of violence that is not viewable by all ages. The overall feel of the music videos is that of a Yakuza film. And in order to really get the feel of an old Yakuza movie, they were all shot using film!

(Photo by クレジット)

They were produced by Sayaka Nakane, a movie producer who is renowned worldwide and has received accolades at international film festivals on a number of occasions. These videos are a doorway into another world, that brings together a violence and beauty created by DFT.

(Photo by クレジット)

These videos were made as an homage to works by Takeshi Kitano and Tarantino. And the songs complementing the videos also grasp the listeners in this visual production ‘STORY TO TELL’. Check them out if you’re into Yakuza movies and or Hip Hop!
(Photo by クレジット)

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