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The new it-pose for Japanese girls. Have you seen this selfie pose?


Model Elaiza Ikeda has been dubbed the ‘God of selfies’.

The reason that she has gotten this name for herself is thanks to her very own ‘Elaiza pose’!

Let’s take a look at what her self-styled selfie pose is.

It’s an unlikely way of posing, where you squeeze both sides of your face together bring the lips into a pout!
And while there are also many out there who claim that Elaiza Ikeda is cute to start with, she herself claims to research how to take cute photos daily!

Her advice is to take lots of photos and figure out what angle is cutest, and what expression best suits you.
The ‘Elaiza Pose’ is one of such poses that she discovered by doing this.

After she set a photo with this pose as her icon on Twitter in mid-2014, it went viral among junior and high school girls. Since then it has firmly taken hold as a photo pose, and guys are even doing it!

It looks like Japanese trends are still influenced by junior and high school girls.


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