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The world is watching! Care for a cuppa with ganguro girls in Shibuya?


Before the birth of kawaii (lit. cute) culture in Japan, there was a certain group of girls who sought after a kind of cute that is unique to Japan…

These girls were a symbol of Shibuya culture back in the late 90’s. And they were known as ‘Ganguro Girls’

The word ‘Ganguro’ comes from the word ‘gan’ meaning face, and ‘kuro’ meaning black, which combines for ganguro, ie black-face. Native Africans are also often taken aback when they meet these girls at the GANGURO CAFE that has opened recently in Shibuya, that is gaining a lot of attention as a new tourist spot.

Ganguro Make-up = the result of hard work

The upkeep of the ganguro look is very demanding. Regular visits to tanning salons must be made to maintain a dark face. And on top of that, these girls use the darkest shade of foundation to fine tune their look. The main point when doing their make-up, is to be flashy, in order to make the colour of their skin stand out. They use white eyeliner or white false eyes lashes to create contrast around the eye area, and also use very pale beige and pink tones for their lips. Showy and loud hair colours are also the norm. It would make you wonder where the age of natural make-up trends has gone. Completing ganguro make-up takes an enormous amount of time. So much so that it might even be considered an art-form in itself.

(Photo by クレジット)

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Ganguro Girls = Girls who sparkle

While these girls would stand out for their make-up style alone, it must be said that they also display an impressive mental strength by living out their ganguro style in an age that glorifies the beauty of white skin. Its clear to see that their strong personalities outdo their striking appearances and that they have very interesting personalities too. When ganguro girls make TV appearances from time to time, not even the comedians can get one up on them! I think we can say that ganguro girls best point lies in just how different they are to most other people around them. These are strong women who don’t worry about what others think of them and are happy to pursue what they like. And that spirit is infectious, spreading good vibes naturally to those around them.

At GANGURO CAFE, you can have fun with celeb level ganguro girls, and there is also an option to try out being a ganguro girl yourself! Taking a snapshot with these girls will surely make for a lasting memory!

(Photo by クレジット)

(Photo by excite)


〒150-0042 B1F, Ota Building 26-9, Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku


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