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“Godai loss” has become a social phenomenon in Japan, but what does Dean Fujioka have to do with it?


Set in the social upheaval surrounding the Meiji Restoration of 1868, the popular drama “Here Comes Asa!” vividly portrays the female image of the new age. From this drama, the expression “Godai loss” has become a social phenomenon in Japan. This time, we will introduce the meaning of this expression and its background. Once you know the meaning, you too will want to watch “Here Comes Asa!”

What is “Godai loss”?

“Godai” refers to the businessman Tomoatsu Godai, who has a big influence on Asa, the drama’s protagonist. In the drama, when Godai died, it left a sense of loss like a gaping hole in many of his fans’ hearts, hence the expression “Godai loss” was born and came into common use.

You may be thinking, “It’s just a drama… this is an overreaction!” To this, let’s examine two important points that are tied up with “Godai loss.”

1. Dean Fujioka, who appears as Tomoatsu Godai.

(Photo by クレジット)

(Photo by livedoor NEWS)

Dean Fujioka is an actor who has already appeared in many dramas in China. Most people in Japan have gotten to know Fujioka for the first time in “Here Comes Asa!” Moreover, upon catching a glimpse of him in this drama, many women have fallen in love with him at first sight.

While at first his personal history was wrapped in mystery, suddenly the media were all over him. Gradually, as such things as his international career and the fact that he is married to Indonesian woman and is the happy father of two children became known, the feelings of goodwill towards him increased rapidly. The number of his fans has steadily grown.

2. The real life Tomoatsu Godai

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Tomoatsu Godai was a politician and businessman who, with his global perspective at a time when Japanese society was closed, helped with the economic development of Osaka. Yes, he really existed. Godai, who has a considerable effect on Asa in the drama, shares much in common with Dean Fujioka’s international work to the point that the audience may feel that Tomoatsu Godai and Dean Fujioka are one and the same.

Even the announcer on a news program immediately following the drama’s broadcast was crying about Tomoatsu Godai’s death. If you watch “Here Comes Asa!”, you, too, may feel “Godai loss.” But don’t worry—seeing the positive attitude of the main character Asa, you will be able to get over your “Godai loss.”

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Here Comes Asa!

[ Drama WOMAN ] In late 19th century Japan, at a time when women were rarely in the limelight, there lived a colorful female entrepreneur, Asa, in the merchant city of Osaka. Asa worked hard not just to make money, but also to realize a world where everyone is happier than now. Our young heroine Asa has married into a notable business family in the city. However, due to the changing times, the family business encounters difficulty, and her unmotivated husband leaves the entire business to Asa. She goes on to courageously enter into new fields such as coal-mining, banking, and life insurance, and dedicates herself to establishing the first all-female university in Japan. This heartfelt and humorous hit drama, portraying the amazing business woman Asa is inspired by a real Japanese female entrepreneur. The drama is also a love story between Asa and her open-minded husband who unfailingly supports her. Starring: Haru, Hiroshi Tamaki, Shinobu Terajima, Dean Fujioka


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