Harajuku style is already going out of style! Check out ‘High-Me TOKYO’, a must see brand for true fashion lovers.


Read on if you’re tired of the girly ‘Harajuku Style’! There is a new brand that has managed to shape ‘retro’ Japanese culture into a ‘new’ design. Read on for more about the accessory brand ‘High-Me TOKYO’ brought to you by our writers here at WWM.

Photo by Genki Ito

The girly and a little dark design in the collection dating up to 2015 was most popular, and the collection from 2016 includes accessories that incorporate ‘Retro Japanese Culture’. There are a whole lot of cute and exotic designs unique to ‘High-Me TOKYO’, such as rings and bangles with drawings on mah-jong (board game) pieces, large beckoning cat buckles, and more.

This brand was launched in 2006 by director and designer KAE. High-Me refers to the ability to lift ones spirits by wearing accessories. At the same time as the release of High-Me TOKYO in 2015, she also began ‘WILD FANCY’, a bespoke headdress line, and has also provided costumes for artists.

Photo by オノツトム

The new WILD FANCY collection was photographed in Taiwan. Check out this photo that is a fusion of the delicate handiwork put into this dynamic headdress and Taiwan street life!

Photo by Mari Yoshioka

Photo by Mari Yoshioka

Lastly, I would like to share our top recommended item with you! This impressive ear cuff is designed to fit the shape of your ear, so you can wear it even if you don’t have your ears pierced. It is a very simple design so it goes with any style of outfit. As part of your outfit, this ear cuff will catch the attention of those around you.

●EAR CUFF● #highmetokyo #accessory #earcuff #circle #japan

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Most of the High-Me TOKYO items are available for purchase on their online shop. Go ahead and check out the rings, bangles, broaches, earrings and other wide variation right now. If you’re looking for ‘Tokyo Fashion’ that offers real originality, why not get your hands on some High-Me TOKYO pieces?

High-Me TOKYOhttp://highme.tokyo/
Online shop: https://highme-tokyo.stores.jp/
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/highme.tokyo/

Top photo by オノツトム

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