《Hinanchu’s Code #3 》Daring to wear monotone in summer, latest styling trend!


Our must-see exclusive with Hinanchu! She is an MC for Music Japan TV, a programme that introduces the latest J-POP rankings and culture of the moment.

There are lots of people out and about wearing bright colourful clothes when summer-time rolls around. But did you know that monotone outfits are this summer’s big trend? In this article Hinanchu will share her tips on outfit coordination and making the most of the monotone trend!

‘Outfit Coordination by Hinanchu’ No. 3 of to Hinanchu’s plan share her fashion! This time we will be taking a look at the current monotone trend. We will introduce two styles, a yukata outfit and an outfit with a mix of girly and masculine styles!

A modern Japanese style dress with yellow to add accent; sophisticated yukata outfit

Hinanchu came out wearing a chic sophisticated style Yukata. The black and white pattern gave the outfit a laid-back feel, and a closer look reveals cats hidden in the pattern! Trying to count all the cats would be a fun little challenge! By the way, this dot pattern with cats is quite a rare design.

“This yukata outfits’s point is the obi!” revealed Hinanchu. (An obi is the fabric sash worn around the waist of traditional Japanese dress.) As the yukata itself is a simple black and white pattern, using yellow to add a touch of colour. Whats more, the fluffy sash that can be seen coming out above the obi, and the bow-tie at the back are all clear signs of Hinanchu’s personal taste. The flower in her red hair is an ornamental hairpin, chosen to match her hair colour. The same goes for her Japanese sandals known as ‘zori’. A cute touch to the outfit.

“This is actually my third time wearing yukata this year! But, today will also probably be the last” she said with a touch of lingering regret. She is particularly fond of simple designs with Japanese inspired patterns, and told us that she really liked the sunflower pattern yukatathat she wore for a previous photo shoot with WAKUWAKU magazine. And it seems that she also like this yukata. “It’s perfect for wearing at the close of summer!”

Mixing masculine and feminine when you want to expand your styling skills!

The following outfit has been put together in the latest masculine-feminine trend for women who want a sophisticated look. The frills on the white top combined with the black skirt’s slit adds just the right amount of femininity to this outfit!

The white top is not just a cute item, there is a lot of fine detail on the frills at the arms and on the ribbon on the back and overall lace pattern. Hinanchu told us that she would also enjoy wearing this top with a pair of wide denim jeans that she recently purchased. Also, since it’s a monotone piece, her sparkly attention grabbing nail art can also play a big part in the outfit!

If she were to wear it on a day out, she would like to wear it to the “Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills. The outfit has an adult date feel to it” she told us with a sparkle in her eye. This style is similar to that of “Lucky Girl” a song by Silent Siren. Because it is essentially a mix of feminine and masculine styles. “It would be even more fun to wear listening to ‘Lucky Girl’” she said grinning.

Hinanchu has modeled two different monotone outfits this time, a chic yukata, and a feminine-masculine mixed sophisticated style. How do feel about putting Hinanchu’s fashion coordination into practice and wearing something similar the next time you head into town?

And for those of you who are wondering what Silent Siren’s music is like, all you have to do is watch Music Japan TV broadcast by WAKUWAKU JAPAN to enjoy both Hinanchu’s fashion and the most up to date music at the same time!!!

# ClothingCredit: 三松 / ふりふ


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