Hinanchu’s Code #4 Tips for this autumn! Try styling yourself cute using cat motifs


Our must-see exclusive with Hinanchu from Silent Siren! Hinanchu is MC for Music Japan TV, where she introduces the latest J-POP rankings and culture in Japan! Check it out for the latest in music and Hinanchu’s fashion tips!

The summer heat is fading and autumn is now approaching.
Hinanchu is ready to share some hints and tips with us for mixing-up the latest trends with some individuality with some hot items for autumn outfits that will keep you a head above your friends this autumn!
This is the fourth edition to Hinanchu’s project ‘Outfit Coordination by Hinanchu’ introducing her fashion style! This time we’ll be looking at how to style one-point items to stand out from the crowd. Hinanchu also introduces her top items for this autumn!

Grown-up all white outfit with cat motifs for a touch of fun

Hinanchu comes out in a simple white dress. The material is soft and part-transparent for a feminine feel, and a simple box silhouette creates a casual-handsome look. She looks great in this simple white outfit that allows her pink hair to add a splash of colour. At a glance this looks like a very plain outfit, but if you look closer you’ll notice that there’s cat’s faces on her knees!

“The cat motifs are the key element of today’s outfit.”

And a look from behind lets us see that the cat’s tales continue around to the back of the

knees. This level of attention to detail will please even cat lovers! Hinanchu is actually a big cat lover and owns two at the moment. “Japan is experiencing an unprecedented cat boom at the moment. So there are plenty of stores that have items with cat motifs on them!”

Why not try working cat motifs into your outfit when you want to add a touch of fun to your style?

Perfect predictions for this year’s autumn trend items! Hinanchu’s top autumn items

Autumn has started to peep around the corner now that September has arrived. And while bold summer fashion is fun, the autumn/winter season when ladylike elegant styles come to the fore is the season when real fashion lovers get their thrill.

However, there are plenty of people out there who have trouble deciding what to wear at this time of year during the transition from one season to the next. Hinanchu shared a few highlight items for this autumn, that will keep you up to date with the latest trends but also allow you to add some of your own style.

“I think velour fabrics will be big this autumn! In colours like black and pink. It’ll definitely be a cute look.” And you also cant go wrong with shoes with fur according to Hinanchu. A pink-black colour combination brings in a touch of opposite tastes to heavy velour. This simple style will have you ready for a date, with the styling of a little devil!

This time Hinanchu has shared her cute all white outfit with cat motifs, and little devil style, perfect for this autumn. We can’t wait to see what cute outfits she has in store for us as the air turns a little chillier and the autumn/winter season draws closer!

If after reading this you want to know more about Hinanchu, you can check her out on WAKUWAKU JAPAN’s Music Japan TV, where you can also check out the latest music charts, Hinanchu’s fashion, and the latest trends!

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