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Hollywood celebrities who have lived in Japan


Hot Hollywood celebrities seem all the more down to earth when we know that they too have experienced living in Japan.
This article will introduce celebrities who have lived in Japan!

Norman Reedus

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Reedus plays the part of Daryl in the wildly popular US drama series “The Walking Dead”. Daryl has become a reliable character in the series despite his aloofness. As for Reedus, he once lived in Chiba prefecture due to his parent’s work. He usually plays it cool, but reveals a playful side when visiting Japan. This change in his persona has many Japanese females wobbly at the knees for him.

Olivia Munn

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X-MEN series. She is known for having a Vietnamese mother of Chinese decent, but Munn herself was raised in Tokyo of all places, due to her father’s work. During that time she made the most of her good looks by working as a model. She has appeared in blockbuster hits one after another, so hopefully we can look forward to Munn’s Asia visit for her next premiere.

John Mayer

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John Mayor is a talented guitarist and singer-songwriter. His sweet looks mean he’s popular with the ladies, and is often rumoured to be dating or flirting with various famous beauties, including Katy Perry. Mayer attended a school in Kanazawa Prefecture for a short period when he was a high school student. Following that, he also studied under a Japanese guitarist during his college days, and is often spotted on frequent visits to Japan.

Naomi Watts

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This beautiful Australian actress has also lived in Japan. Although, it seems that she didn’t have a very good experience here. She moved to Japan to pursue a modelling career but was unable to secure the kind of work that she wanted to do and left for home before long. She has spoken about her time here as a tough time in her life in interviews. It’s hard to believe that Watts, the successful actress that she is, went through something like that.

Cameron Diaz

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Diaz maintains a healthy beautiful glow and prettiness even now in her forties. This is part of her charm. Before Cameron became an actress, she is reported to have spent two months working as a model in Japan. Two months might not seem like a long time, but she surely gave off an incredible aura here in Japan with her dazzling charms and tall beauty.

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