New gourmet information in AKIBA!


The legendary California burger chain, Carl’s Jr., has announced its first Japan location in Akihabara, the nerd haven and burgeoning “B Class Gourmet” destination.

Carl’s Jr. is located in 5 mins from Akihabara train station. From the opening till now, it is still crowded with full of people inside.

If you ever go during the lunch time, you may have to wait for 2 hours. Inside of the restaurant is different view from McDonald’s, it’s more modern atmosphere.

Carl’s Jr.’s burger costs about ¥1000 for a la carte and when we come across to compare the price between McDonald’s then it’s a bit expensive.

Yet, a lot of visitors are satisfied with the taste and the way of staffs treating the customers are good and you get to drink the soft drinks for free flows.

Originally Akiba is famous for the hearty gourmet restaurants. There are some restaurants with a menu that you can’t even finish only by yourself. “Carl’s Jr.” could be one of the new attractions to satisfy people’s appetite in Akiba.

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