Exposition sharing the Culture of everything from Nihonshu to alternative fiction


Japan and the world have been experiencing a Nihonshu boom over the past few years. And now riding this trend, the unique exposition that aims to share nihonshu with a younger generation ‘I LOVE SAKE Nihonshu Maniacs in Tokyo’ is gaining a lot of attention.

Photo: PARCO Press Release

This event exhibits and retails subculture items with everything to alternative fiction, under the theme of Nihonshu as introduced by ‘Sake Pedia’, as well as major sake makers one-cup items with original creator designs. The Nihonshu Character Drawings and Nihonshu Tale that brings together Nihonshu and characters in a new project featuring work by young and upcoming writers are just some of the highlights of a brilliant lineup.

Photo: ©日本酒ものがたり/©altplus / イラスト:松本零士 , ©日本酒ものがたり/©altplus / イラスト:美樹本晴彦

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This exhibition originally began with the concept to create a new value and meaning for sake by introducing it as a part of having fun to the younger generation though alternative Nihonshu fiction, a point of entry where the interesting phenomenon becomes a culture in itself. Here we will take a look in particular at the ‘one-cup’ collaboration. 30 famous creators and artists such as manga artist Fujio Akatsuka, Moyoco Anno, and popular illustrator wataboku collaborated on this ‘Creators Design One Cup’ project. There are one cup designs exclusive to this event, making it an unmissable change for Japanese manga and anime fans.

Photo: ©Moyoco Anno

In addition to the one cup exhibit, renowned photographer Meisa Fujishiro’s pairing of an Issho-bin (sake bottles of 1.8 litres) and a girl is memorable, and can be viewed as part of the ‘Twinkling Isshobin Girl Photo Exhibit’. This photo collection along is enough to convince anyone that this truly is a unique event home to a fusion of the subcultures of sake and Japan!

Photo: Model/中嶋イッキュウ(tricotボーカル&ギター)、撮影/藤代冥砂

This exhibit is being held in Parco Museums in Ikebukuro, Tokyo from February 10 through March 5.

Photo: PARCO Press Release

I LOVE SAKE Pameran Maniak Sake di Tokyo
Info: http://www.parco-art.com/web/museum/exhibition.php?id=1053

Top Photo: Model/今野杏南、撮影/藤代冥砂


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Tokyo Photographer you ought to know, Yoshikazu Aizawa

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