Get to know our heart throb’s secrets to win women over! Top three ranking actors on our list of actors most desired to be held by open up about masculine appeal.


Three popular actors topping the ‘Actors I would like to be held by’ ranking (carried out by HEAPS) share their secrets on how to be a hit with the ladies!

1. “Overall mature sex appeal from his sexy lips and voice” -Takumi Saito

Takumi Saito (34) has gained popularity for his pretty image, steeped in sex appeal. His plump lips and deep voice are his trademark traits. While he is successful now, it actually took him a long time to get to where he is now. He built up his experience, and got a break in 2014 staring in a love drama, ‘Hirugao Heijitsu Gogo Sanji no Koibitotachi’. He will no doubt to continue to flaunt that sex appeal for his viewers from here on.

2. “Displaying a multitude of talents, fitness, cooking, and singing” -Haruma Miura

Excellent reflexes, a good cook, and a decent singer. Haruma Miura (26) is a young actor with many talents. He has been acting since the age of 4, and has played well as a fresh young face. In the adult romantic drama ‘Last Cinderella’ (2013), his kiss-scene and bedroom-scene were well received by female viewers as sexy and for making viewers want to be held by him.

3. Pioneer of the pinning up against the wall technique -Sota Fukushi

Sota Fukushi (23) has appeared in many romantic productions. Everyone in Japan has heard of ‘kabe-don’, i.e. when a guy pins a girl up against the wall in a sexual manner. This is his claim to fame, and he shows off this technique in the movie Strobe Edge (2015) and in the drama I’m Taking the Day Off (2014). More and more women are falling for him, and there are many other popular heartthrob gestures that he takes on in his roles.

These actors make millions of hearts beat faster, accelerating our sweet fantasies. Deep voices and a sexy way of talking, a multitude of talents to entertain any woman, and using their own original communication to get close to others. You too can incorporate these hot guy’s techniques, and make some hearts skip a few beats all on your own.

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[ Drama NEO ] Michiko Shibata is single, unattached and unemployed after her previous employer went bankrupt. Failing to land a job, she leads a destitute life surviving mainly on cabbage but craving meat. And she has tapped out financially after lending all of her savings to a handsome young man she pines after. Her life reaches an all-time low when she reaches for a can of cat food found on the street, but just then, former supervisor, Kurosawa appears and wonders what she’s doing. ”I’m dying for meat,” she wines. So Kurosawa takes her to a coffee shop he runs called “Himawari” (Sunflower) and offers her a part-time job. Michiko hesitates as she remembers the nightmarish life working under this tyrannical man at the last company. But at Himawari, he seems to show a different side. Maybe the fortunes of this sorry woman is about to change. Starring: Kyoko Fukada, Dean Fujioka, Shohei Miura


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