All you need is this? Don’t worry about others looking at you with this ‘Ita-bag’ that has gone on sale!


The nickname ‘Ita-bag’ refers to a bag that is heavily decorated with one’s favourite anime character or idol etc’s fan goods such as badges and stickers. And as long as you are at the venue for some event, those around you all share the same feelings towards said character or idol. Now, the issue is with these bags grabbing unwanted attention for non-fans on the way to an event venue if the bag is too heavily decorated. Well, today we have the perfect bags for otaku who don’t want to be the subject of this undesired attention!

Photo: Luna Style Press Release

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The new bag from accessories maker ‘La classe’ is a vinyl customise bag with chain that comes in a choice of 9 colours. It was made based on suggestions by 20 something otaku staff member and other users around the same age as her. A canvas bag and vinyl bag come as a set, meaning that fans all important badges and key holders can be protected from wear and tear. Also, by placing a scarf in between the canvas and vinyl sections, you can easily hide your ita-bag from other’s wandering gazes.

Photo: Luna Style Press Release

And just as the name of this item suggests, you can choose a colour best suited to your favourite character or member etc. It is A4 size, reportedly the perfect sized bag for using at events.

Photo: Luna Style Press Release

We really recommend this bag for those who want to show off how much they like a certain character or member but are bashful when doing so in front of those who are not a part of the same fan community.

9 Colour Customisable Bag with Chain

Top Photo: Luna Style Press Release


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