photo by Taichiro Ueki

Let’s visit the world best’s secondhand book town in Jinbocho!


Do you know the world best’s secondhanded book town exists in Tokyo, Japan?

It is located in “Jinbocho” where you can walk by from Akihabara.

Jinbocho has a lot of secondhand book stores used in various fields.

Each store has literature, art, history, and science related books.

In the mid-19th century, Jinbocho was a town for college students.

Jinbocho used to have a lot of schools around the area such as Tokyo Kaisei School formerly known as Tokyo University.

Students with a little money have been selling their own books to get new books in the stores at reasonable prices.

(Photo by Antonio Tajuelo)

(Photo by Antonio Tajuelo)

Currently, Jinbocho is known as a business distinct and nowadays there are a lot of businessmen walking by the secondhand book stores.

They also have English, German, and French secondhand book stores, so this means international tourists can enjoy Jinbocho as well.

These secondhand books are being sold from¥100 (appx $1).

You may have chances to get a lucky find in the secondhand book stores.

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