Has beauty and the beast suspense manga ‘Kasane’ been brought to real life?


Tina Tamashiro is so beautiful that she looks like she has just jumped out of a work of art. She stars in the poster released last December in Roppongi metro station and Shibuya metro stations marking the release of the 10th edition of ‘Kasane’, a manga that has been featured regularly in Kodansha’s popular publication, ‘Evening’. (No longer on display)

Everyone passing by was pulled in by these posters.

So what is ‘Kasane’ about?

The protagonist of the story is Kasane Fuchi, an actress who lives by stealing the face of other women. Her mother is a profoundly beautiful and talented actress of incredible regard, Sukeyo Fuchi. However, Kasane dies when she is just a child. Kasane resembled her mother in someways, but what just plain ugly. Her relatives were disgusted by her, and she was also bullied at school leaving her feeling very isolated.

Then one day she remembered the words of her mother from before she was born, “Put on the red lipstick that is on the dresser, and touch your lips on what you want”. So she did just that. She put on the red lipstick, and kissed the pretty girl who was the ring leader of the kids bullying her. When she did that, their faces changed. She used the lipstick as a weapon, taking the faces of other women, making her way along a path to become an actress.

Recap at popular model Tina Tamashiro!

She was born in 1997, and will be 20 this year. She is a popular fashion model with young women in Japan. She is part American and part Japanese. She has large eyes, and a slight frame almost like a doll. Teens all across Japan look up to her. Tina is also actually a fan of the manga herself too! She has tweeted in the past about reading Kasane also.

Can’t wait to see where Kasane goes next!

In the latest edition, Kasane’s mother’s past is revealed, and the element of suspense continues to grow in this story that is a mix of beauty and lack thereof. The story, the real life photo adaptation, and perhaps a movie and drama adaptations are in the pipeline next. If that does happen, the casting is surely to have fans everywhere waiting with bated breath!

Kasane Website http://evening.moae.jp/lineup/266

Twitter https://twitter.com/kasane_fuchi


Momokuro’s annual summer live show ‘Momo Shinsai 2016’ video production.

Tokyo Photographer you ought to know, Yoshikazu Aizawa

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