The town that Mitsuba from ‘Your Name’ (Kimi no Na wa) lives in was based on a real town. But where is it?!


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Director Makoto Shinkai of ‘Your Name’ is very skilled in using real locations for scenes in the movie.

And the locations that are featured in the movie are not experiencing an increase in popularity among fans visiting hallowed spots from ‘Your Name’.

While these spots include of course places such as streets in Tokyo, and stations etc. But did you know that the hometown to our heroine Mitsuba Miyamizu, Itomori-machi, is also based on a real place?

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(Photo by クレジット)

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(Photo by クレジット)

(Photo by YouTube)

Since the imaginary town is set in the countryside in Gifu, it’s only natural to assume that the real town that it was based on is also located there. However, that would be a very wrong assumption to make!

It is really located in Nagano Prefecture, by Suwa Lake!

If you take a look at a real photo of the town, you’ll see that …


暇人大学生。さん(@792e)が投稿した写真 –

That being said, most towns located by a lake and surrounded by mountains tend to look alike!

While there is no scene as picture perfect as some of the visuals set in Tokyo, Itomori-machi was based on this town in its design.

Nagano Prefecture is actually where Director Makoto Shinkai is from, suggesting an emotional reason for choosing to base the town on this location.

By the way, Suwa Lake was not formed by falling meteorite.

Make sure to add it to your list of places to visit when you come to Japan!


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