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A chance to eat ‘KINME MAI’ rice developed by the same company that produced World Guinness Recognised rice!


In July of 2016, the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ designated one range of rice as best rice in the world. It was given the title ‘The World’s Best Rice™’, and has become renowned worldwide.
The process is attaining this level has taken 55 long years following traditional methods, involving great effort on behalf of Japanese company Toyo Rice Corporation (after Toyo Rice) who maintained the history and tradition necessary for this rice.


Toyo Rice have not only developed ‘The World’s Best Rice™’.
Their KINME MAI launched in 2006 was also a hot topic.
But what exactly sets it apart from ordinary rice?

Special rice that holds the secrets to Toyo Rice’s finest techniques!

KINME MAI is a rice that is processed in a manner that retains kinme(bud base) and sub-aleurone layers, creating a new rice in terms of nutrition and taste!
(Photo by クレジット) (Photo by クレジット)

Characteristics of KINME MAI

1. Improved taste!

Sweeter and more flavourful compared with regular white rice.

(Photo by クレジット)

2. More nutritional compared with regular white rice

Rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber etc.

3. Improved immune system!

Contains LPS, known for naturally improving immunity! *1 This rice includes approximately 6 times more of this nutrient than regular white rice.
*1 LPS is a nutrient that is found in abundance in wholegrain rice and in traditional Chinese medicines. It causes the body to improve the immune system from within.

4. Approx. 10% less calories

The sub-aleurone layer absorbs lots of water, resulting in an increase in mass when cooked. Meaning that more delicious rice can be made using less.

(Photo by クレジット)

Official KINME MAI rice website: http://kinmemai.com/

KINME MAI, both delicious and healthy!
Does this make you want to try it even just a little?
Those interested in this rice should make their way to Japan Food Town! You have the chance to try some at the stores noted below!

Japan Food Town: http://www.japanfoodtown.sg/
Location: 4F Wisma Atria 435 Orchard Rd Singapore 238877
KINME MAI retail outlets: Tsukiji Sushi Takewaka, Bonta bonta (rice-ball store), Yomoda Soba, Inaniwa Yosuke(Udon Store) (Inc. in set menu)

* KINME MAI is a registered product of Toyo Rice Corporation.


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