Calling all fashionistas! Want to hear about the ‘Jeans that show manufacturers’ face’ that are made in Japan and trending among real Japanese university students?


‘Weaving a tradition for the future’ is the concept of these Japanese-made jeans, originally created in the Setonai area. Sibling university students Yohei Yamasaki (eldest) and Shunsuke Maeda (younger) are both representatives for ‘EVERY DENIM’, a denim brand that is spreading among people of their own age. They have collaborated with Arisa Kamada, ethical fashion planner and model, to create the denim ‘Story’. *Ethical= preservation of the environment and/or contribution to society

(Photo by クレジット)
Photo by EVERY DENIM プレスリリース

The process of making this denim, everything from spinning the threads to making the finishing touches, are carried out in Kojima in Okayama Prefecture, the mecca of jeans culture in Japan. There is a sense of reassurance because customers can put a face to who is making them. And young people around Japan love this concept. Denim made like this will surely brighten the days of those who wear them.

(Photo by クレジット)
Photo by EVERY DENIM プレスリリース

The current new model collaboration announced for the 3rd model ‘Story’ puts forward a way of choosing things based on values other than just whether something is ‘cheap’ or not. This collaboration has a firm policy regarding creating a path for jeans in the future, and calls out the entire fast-fashion movement in the modern Japanese fashion world, and questions each and every one of our values. Both brand owners and young people can relate to this collaboration.

You can now purchase items from this new generation Japanese brand that is pursuing the very value of fashion through online store ‘EVERY DENIM’ and at fitting events. So for those of you who are interested in the latest Japanese fashion, make sure to check out the brand website and Instagram account!


This denim brand was created in Kojima, Okayama Prefecture. University student siblings Yohei Yamasaki (eldest) and Shunsuke Maeda (younger) take care of the business side of things.
‘Story’ 19,440, Available from late Feb *Three sizes: SS, S, M
Online Store: http://store.everydenim.com/items/4840728 (Japanese only)
IG: http://instagram.com/everydenim

Arisa Kamada

Model and ethical fashion planner. Currently accepted to a faculty of general policy at Keio Private University, while also continuing her fashion shoots. She is currently a graduate student at Keio University, and she is also active in the Arts. She is deeply interested in supporting developing countries and also shares information about these activities on her blog. She was chosen as a member for the JICA ‘Nantoka shinakya! Project’ (lit. Gotta do something! Project), and she has created collaboration items with ethical fashion brands as well as creating study tours.

Top Photo: EVERY DENIMプレスリリース


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