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Have you heard of MEGBABY, the mysterious beauty has a following of over 893,000 people on Instagram? She has caught the attention of young women throughout Japan for her lifestyle of many acquaintances, long hair, and natural-makeup. She has studied in Korea, and speaks fluently in both Korean, and Chinese! Check out her stylish and trendy lifestyle.

Having fun and spending time with friends

At the Taiwan venue of Watanabe Naomi World Tour

With pal Haruna Kojima wearing matching rings

😺❤️😺 #Ttwo for #sisters #tiffany 💍はじめての #友情リング 😳

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With buddies Emi Suzuki and Arisa Ueno

This girl travels all around the world!

In Italy

In Hawaii

Aloha🙋🏽❤️🌴#beautycamp #久しぶりのハワイだ😁🌴

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In Taiwan

你好 台湾😘❤️🇹🇼 #taipei #はじめて来た😳

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Stylish fashion

Get inspiration from her hair and make-up styles too.

💃😘👠💋❣#OOTD Jacket #Moschino Dress #Alexanderwang Bag #Playnomore Shoes #Saintlaurent

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💙💗💘🤔やっぱりブルーとピンクだな😂🏡🚹🚺💘#italia #burano #ootd knit,bag #fendi

megbaby👶🏽🍭さん(@_megbaby_)が投稿した写真 –

She is a former model, now in her thirties, but all other information surrounding her is cloaked in mystery. That mystery is probably part of what gets so many people interested. Either way, there’s no downside in following her Instagram account for new chic photos daily. Keep your eyes peeled for more from this girl, as she creates a new genre of idols, Insta-Idol!

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