Candidates about to make it big selected! These gravure idols are Japan’s top three to look out for in 2017!


Personalities such as former SKE48 member Tomoko Kato, and variety entertainer and more Mai Hakase are among the many exceptional participants who have passed through this famous gravure idol contest ‘Miss FLASH’ in the past. The 2017 grand prix winners have been chosen.

This year’s contest featured an online collaboration service between MacheVara and Miss FLASH that made real time communication with entertainers possible. Mayu Tsukishiro, Reina Yoshizawa, and Yuri Ikea all have excellent body proportions and great looks that made them shine in the grand prix.

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‘Miss FLASH’ commenced in 2006 in commemoration of 20 years since the establishment of ‘FLASH’ by Japanese publishing company Kobunsha. ‘Miss FLASH’ is an audition to weed out those with the potential to become top gravure idols in the future. The final selection is reached through a 6-month survival system, where readers and web users vote, allowing the participants to gain points. Voting is carried out on the live broadcasts shown with MacheVara mentioned above and on results from photo shoots etc.

The three top participants from this year’s grand prix are all newComers to gravure modelling, and with the win from this rite-of-passage contest, surely we can expect to see great things from this on the Japanese entertainment scene this year.

Also, from among the grand prix winners, Mayu Tsukishiro was the first contestant in the history of this contest to fail to be selected at one stage and then go on to make an admirable comeback and win!

Photo: INnetwork Inc. Press Release

Reina Yoshizawa is the only winner below the age of 20 among this year’s winners. She was born in 1997, and is currently 19 years old.

Photo: INnetwork Inc. Press Release

Yuri Ikeda has been successful in her University Miss Contest as well as being one of the first members of K-1GIRLS. So we can definitely expect a lot from her.

Photo: INnetwork Inc. Press Release

Each of the winners dream of becoming big names in the entertainment world in Japan similar to the likes of Kyoko Fukada and Ryoko Shinohara. Saying this alone will surely be enough to put whatever they do firmly in the spotlight.


Machevara: http://www.mache.tv/

Top photo: INnetwork Inc. Press Release


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