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Japanese manga fans have their focus firmly fixed on ‘Kono Manga ga Sugoi!’ (lit. This Manga is Amazing) published by Tamajima Co., which has been released again this year. They have released a website coinciding with the publication in a tie-up with eBookJapan featuring the best 10 manga from 2006 to 2016. Here we will take a look at the number one spots for guys and girls for 2015 and 2016!

● 2016 Guys Ranking No. 1 ‘Dungeon Meishi’ (Delicious in Dungeon) Ryoko Kui

Leader Laius and four others including Senshi, and expert on monster cuisine, cook monsters, eat, and push the boundaries of dungeons in this gourmet fantasy.

●2016 Girls Ranking No. 1 ‘Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii’ (Love is Hard for an Otaku ) Fujita

This is a love comedy that plays out between two equally klutzy otaku that will have you grinning.

● 2015 Guys Ranking No. 1 ‘A Silent Voice’ Yoshitoki Ōima

This manga depicts the tale of two youths, a deaf girl called Shoko, and the boy who bullied her Shoya. It has also been chosen for the New Creator Prize section of the 19th Terazuka Osamu Cultural Prize.

●2015 Girls Ranking No.1 ‘Chii-chan wa Chotto Tarinai’ Abe Tomomi

This manga is about Natsu and Chii-chan, a second-year junior high school student, who always feels like she is missing something, be it success, money, love, friendship, or something else. Follow the daily happenings of these two adolescents.
Did your favourite manga this year make the rankings? If you want to read up on more of the rankings and the manga featured, make sure to check out the website below!

‘Kono Manga ga Sugoi!’ (lit. This Manga is Amazing) & eBookJapan Special Website
http://www.ebookjapan.jp/ebj/special/konomanga.asp(Japanese only)

Top Photo: イーブック イニシアティブ ジャパンプレスリリース


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