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From comedy performer to novelist, and turning heads among popular actresses… the charms of Naoki Matayoshi


From Tsubasa Honda to Yō Yoshida, Naoki Matayoshi is an entertainer cum novelist who is at the receiving end of intense love calls from top actresses of all ages.

Following his debut with comedy duo ‘Peace’, initially it was his partner, the good looking character, Ayabe that got most of the attention.

But it turns out that it was Matayoshi who captured the hearts of beautiful women and didn’t let them go, an undercover charmer if you will. His passions are evident in his backstory.

And if you read this article, you too might find out the secret to his popularity with the ladies!

Passion 1: Literature

His first and foremost passion is the great master of modern literature, Osamu Dazai. He was taken aback hen he first read Dazai’s ‘No Longer Human’ as a junior high school student, and has re-read it over 100 times since then, proving himself to be a hardcore Dazai fan. That passion has in turn led him to becoming more and more like his idol Dazai.

He was seen as nothing more than a strange individual when he broke into the entertainment industry, but by networking with many culturally inclined individuals as a Dazai fan, his image has completely transformed to one of an intellect.

As a result of all of this, he now hosts a literary television show, and has become a very successful author himself.

Passion 2: Fashion

Matayoshi’s fashion is one of his characteristic traits. There are some styles that only he can pull off, and shouldn’t be attempted by just anyone. Sometimes he goes out of his way to go out and buy some used clothes that aren’t popular at all, and works them into his outfit very well.

His sense of style is obvious to those in the known, and that might be the reason why he has a high reputation among models and the like.

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Passion 3: Watching people’s expressions

Matayoshi is quite taciturn, and has a dark image for a comedian. It has been revealed that he was the kind of person to watch people’s expressions since he was a kid in order not to be disliked.

That might explain the small amount of talking he does. But on the other hand, that also might be what makes him mysterious, and draws more attention when he does talk, contributing to an increase in attractiveness!

From looking at Matayoshi’s passions it’s clear to see that he is sincere when it comes to his interests. And what we can learn here is that even if you can’t understand something straight away, if you are intent on that one thing, you will come around to understanding it perfectly.

So why not establish your passions be it an interest or some aspect of your lifestyle!?

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