Natsume Mito as seen on Japanese TV and CMs releases highly awaited new song ‘Puzzle’!


Japanese singer Natsume Mito is the name on everyone’s lips in the Japanese entertainment world as she has been making appearances on variety TV shows, commercials, and more. On February 22 she released her first new single in 10 months ‘Puzzle’.

Music producer Yasutaka Tanaka who worked on Kyary Pamyupamyu’s Perfume did the production work for this new song. And in the music video, Natsume Mito who has previously typically appeared playing her guitar, takes on a full on dance video for a new song that shows her ambition.

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The music video features her trademark comical touch, with colour coded outfits, and Natsume being transformed into a human puzzle. It also includes her previously released beauty cut, and rendered into a puzzle of over 50,000 pieces! Along with lots of other content, for fans to enjoy in this video.

This new song was revealed for the first time at last year’s COUNTDOWN JAPAN. It is already a hot topic among fans, and features as the ending theme song for TV anime ‘Puzzle & Dragons X’ from February, drawing attention for anime fans also.

Natsume Mito announced that she plans to add a level of gravity to her work as an artist this year, performing a national tour and making her CD release. Make sure to keep your eyes on Natsume Mito this year!

Natsume Mito Official site: http://mito.asobisystem.com/

Top Photo: Sony Music Labels Inc.


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ONE OK ROCK new album ‘Ambitions’ now on sale! A first of its kind ‘Wearable listening gathering’ also to be held!

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