Cats are just amazing! The economic effect might exceed Tokyo Olympics!


Since 2015, there has arisen a great boom of cats in Japan which is unexampled in history.

Cats got more opportunity to appear on TV than ever, and even “Cats idol” appears, gradually gathering popularity at YouTube or SNS. For instance, a cat called “Haruma” have shown up at the commercial of Y!mobile, a communication enterprise.

Frowning its face all the time, Haruma got the nick name “Futeneko (an unhappy cat)”. “Fute” derives from the Japanese word “Futekusareru”, which means getting unhappy and frowning oneself.

Its’ facial expression, which looks surprisingly close to human beings’, attracted lots of fans rapidly, and as a result, the commercial got serialized as well.
In addition, the economic effects brought about by cats deserves notice as well.
According to the estimate made by Katsuhiro Miyamoto, the honorary professor of Kansai University, the total economic effects relative to cats in 2015, could rise to the equivalent of two trillion and three hundred and sixteen billion and two hundred million Yen.

This is said to be higher than its counterpart of 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
This economic effect, is called “Neconomics”, which merged the word “Neko(Cats in Japanese)” and the word “economics”, and is often featured by medias.

It’s not only Japanese people who are mesmerized by cats.
Also, “Cat café” is gathering popularity among tourists visiting Japan.
Cat café is the café that you could enjoy your time with cats there, by paying by the hour.

Because it’s a café, you could also order beverages there.
When you get tired from walking on the street, what about getting into a cat café, and drinking a cup of tea while enjoying watching cute tiny kittens?

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