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Can get to see real NINJA?! 2 large ninja hometown of Japan named, “Iga” and “Koga”.


“Ninja” is well known all over the world because ninja manga “NARUTO” is famous in the world.

Ninja are spies trained in a special kind of physical art called, Ninjutsu.

Ninjutsu involves sneaking unnoticed into enemy camps or people’s houses, disguising themselves so as to conceal their identity, using visual tricks to escape, and so on. They use “Shuriken” that is a concealed weapon and shapes like cross.

(Photo by August Boehm)

(Photo by August Boehm)

In the past, it is said to have been about 50 different schools of ninja scattered more or less.

There are several places that are still known today as “lands of the ninja”; these are the areas where the different schools of ninja were based back then. The famous places among them are Koka in Shiga Prefecture, formerly the home of the Koka-ryu ninja; Iga in Mie Prefecture, once home to the Iga-ryu ninja.

In the “Iga-ryu Ninja Museum”, you can get to see the tools and videos of the ninja sneaked into the castles and Ninjutsu of former days.

The Koka-ryu Ninjutsu Yashiki in Shiga Prefecture is a samurai residence that was built about 300 years ago. From the outside it looks like an ordinary one-story house with a thatched roof, but it’s actually a complicated, three-story structure that has many tricks and traps hidden away in case of an enemy invasion. As they are trained in disguise, escape, concealment, explosives, medicines and poison; moreover, they are experts in techniques of unarmed combat and in the use of various weapons.

If you go to the residence called, “Koka-ryu Ninjutsu House”, you can get to enjoy the Ninjutsu experiences and learn some histories about them.

Recently, “Ninja Restaurant” has appeared in Tokyo and Kyoto.

In this restaurant, staffs impersonated into ninja to entertain customers by showing some ninjutsu.

There are many places where you can interact with Ninja traditional cultures, so you should visit some of the places that we have introduced above if you come to Japan.

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