Meat juices oozing out over light fluffy eggs… Make your own ‘Om-Burger’ just like you’ve seen on that TV drama!!!


Juices from the hamburger come pouring out when you cut into the light fluffy eggs served with a rich tasty demi-glace sauce!

The “om-burger” sounds so good it will have you drooling at the thought of it.
This dish is the most popular item on the menu at ‘Sea Sons’, the restaurant run by three brothers in the currently airing drama ‘A Girl & Three Sweethearts’.
Misaki Sakurai, the main character in the series has given it her mark of approval with “200%” for taste!
If this has you intrigued, how about trying to reconstruct it at home?

(Photo by クレジット)

The recipe for the drama’s famous ‘om-burger’ was released on Twitter recently, so lets take a look!


The first thing to be made is the hamburger.
The ingredients are mixed together well before being shaped and steamed.

The next item to be prepared is the demi-glace sauce.
Place tinned tomatoes, mirin, tomato ketchup, Worcester sauce, butter, and salt and pepper in a pot. Stew at a low heat, and for those looking for a more authentic taste, you can use garlic, laurel, and beef bones.
(recipe for reference: http://cookpad.com/recipe/4009375)

And finally for the omelette; pour mixture of egg, fresh cream, and salt and pepper into a frying pan.
Once the omelette begins to firm up, place the hamburger in the centre and wrap it with the omelette. Serve on a plate with demi-glace sauce and serve with parsley and vegetables for the final touch!

(Photo by クレジット)

(Photo by Instagram)

After seeing the ‘om-burger’ many fans wanted to try it.
And if you want to try it but don’t have a lot of time on your hands, you can also use canned demi-glace sauce and powdered hamburger mix to speed the process up.

Also, if you add in some mushrooms and carrots, and serve with cheese, this dish can easily be transformed to something a little more special, almost like something you’d get for a cafe lunch!

So for those of you who’s tummy growled at the sight of the om-burger on ‘A Girl & Three Sweethearts’, why not take on the challenge and make your own at home!

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