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Welcome to Kyushu hot springs where you can interact with “Multicultural”.


Nowadays, there are a lot of opportunities to think over about “multicultural” such as sexual minority refugees.

There is the most famous and familiar case where already moved forward to think over about “multicultural symbiosis; it’s Shibuya-Ku in Japan where already accepted same sex marriage.

Actually did you know that there is a town where has already been leading the multicultural symbiosis before this was noticed to most of us?

You all must know the place if you are Japanese.

Never mind, the place we are talking about is Beppu, OITA where located on Japan’s southernmost island of Kyushu.

You all probably think about what is so special about Beppu.

First of all, a lot of Japanese people take hot springs after work to relax themselves in the weekends and this place is one of the most famous hot spring resorts in Japan as well.

Japan investigated how many international students were accepted in 2009. Then, Beppu got first in this survey. 3200 international students from 80 countries are currently living versus 210,0000 local citizens which means this is actually 26 times bigger when compared to the national average.

Moreover, there is a self-support facility for the physically handicapped which was established in Beppu named, “The house of the Sun”. This has become a kind of pioneer among facilities.

Currently, Beppu has been attracting and highly motivating people of the sexual minority LGBT by executing seminars to understand the LGBT in the entire city.

Proactively accepting international students and LGBT can be aware as a multicultural city.

The secret key of having the above mind to accept those people has a deepest relationship with something.

(Photo by Isriya Paireepairit)

(Photo by Isriya Paireepairit)

The secret key is to have the Onsen mind to have a great relationship?!

Since we are talking about Beppu and the place is famous for hot springs that some of you already noticed that the key is related to hot spring.

When you encounter to take hot spring in Japan, you have nothing to care about your nationality or background. That’s normal.

That’s the culture that Beppu citizens built up. They just want everyone to be themselves.

Here’s the 2 words which represent Beppu culture.

“Let’s value the hot springs!”

“Warmly welcome the guests”

“Hot spring” might be the word pops up first in the future whenever you think about the multi-cultural symbiosis in Japan.

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