Want to dazzle in Shinjuku? ‘Yume-kawa’ is the key!


Yume-kawa, is now a major trend among the young people frequenting Shinjuku. Some wear an entire outfit of fluffy rainbow colours, and others incorporate it into their attire using accessories. There are even bright rainbow coloured character goods and pancakes! Read on for more about this trend!

It’s hard not to notice the girls with floaty and light rainbow coloured clothes and accessories, nails, and hair as you walk along Takeshita Street. The growing popularity of these colourful items has even spread to pancakes, pasta servings, and bagels! The current trend in Tokyo’s Shinjuku is something called ‘Yume-kawa’. This trend has come and gone a few times before, but it’s back now in the form of a ‘Yume-kawa Colour’ boom. The rainbow coloured trend has come back with an even more powerful punch, now even appearing in foods and in multi-coloured cute character goods.

So let’s take a look at exactly what this ‘Yume-kawa’ actually is. In recent years, teenage girls have been throwing about the phrase “Yume-Kawaii!”. The meaning s of kawaii (lit. cute) and yume-kawaii (lit. dream-cute) are vastly different. It’s not just a cute fairytale-esque style, it’s a little uneasy and strange, but at the same time can be said to be fairytale cute. Pastel coloured

stuffed toys, clothes and the like are the top Shinjuku trend at the moment among young girls.

‘Kawaii Asia’, broadcast by WAKUWAKU Japan is the first to share Japan’s latest trend information and Shinjuku fashion. Japan’s top models introduce kawaii aspects of Japan every week. And for those who want to get their hands on Japanese merchandise but can’t because they’re living outside of Japan, you can check out ‘Tokyo Otaku Mode’ online! One of the most popular items at the moment is the attention grabbing colourful TOMpacasso, a collaboration product by ‘Kawaii Asia’ and ‘Tokyo Otaku Mode’.

Nemuriale, a teddy of a gently sleeping dog, is one of the quietly growing trends. This relaxation item is fitted with an egg-shaped device inside that produces a sound that mimics a beating heart, and is meant to aid in sound sleep.

There are items that make for interesting gifts also being sold as well as the trending cute rainbow-coloured cuddly toys. How about changing your room by adding a touch of Japanese style with some of these cute items?

Check this out for information on Japan’s fast changing trends, and to get your hands on the latest ‘kawaii’ items!

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