Crying with joy in Japan for all-you-can-eat of a certain ordinary ingredient


Phakchi (coriander/cilantro) is an ingredient used so commonly in Asian cooking that it is almost overlooked. But it has now become a luxury and precious food item highly sought after by young Japanese women. This ingredient is something that you can get your hands on easily in many Asian countries, but it’s difficult to find in Japan, and demands a high price. So because of this, restaurants offering all-you-can-eat or all-you-can-serve phakchi dining are consistently fully booked.

In Asia, phakchi is a common everyday ingredient, used in dishes like stir-fries, salads, as a topping for noodles and more. For locals, it’s an ingredient that they have been eating for so long, that for some it probably isn’t even something that they are aware of.

But now in Japan, there is a phakchi boom like never before. Thanks to its explosive popularity with diners, there are many new restaurants specialising in phakchi popping up one after the other. And this movement is looked at as levelling the ground for phakchi-lovers. Many of the popular phakchi restaurants are fully booked a month ahead.

But why is it that this phakchi boom has occurred mainly among the younger generation.

Originally phakchi was grown in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, China and so on, because it was easy to grow there. And it continues to be grown and loved across these many countries. In Japan, the ethnic-boom has more or less faded into the background, but it is now becoming more common for foods from other countries to be served up at home. However, there are some people who go as far as crazily bulk-buying enormous amounts of phakchi worth 37,482 to 62,471 rupiah (2 to 5 USD) per bunch.

Recently, there are so many people that have been captivated by this ingredient that they are even referred to as ‘phakchi-nists’ or ‘phakchi-ists’.

From a benefits perspective, phakchi is full of properties that are good for the skin, such as vitamins B1, B2, C etc, help digestion, has anti-ageing benefits and so on.

All it takes is just one waft of the unique aroma of phakchi for your heart to be stolen, and it will have you coming back for more!

It isn’t long before the physical benefits of eating phakchi become apparent, and that’s probably another reason why people end up wanting to eat more of it naturally. The number of young women who lose their hearts and their bodies to phakchi is increasing strongly.

Taking advantage of the phakchi boom, there are some farmers in Japan who have begun to grow phakchi domestically, but due to the harsh changes in weather, producing a fixed amount is problematic.

Because of this, the amount of phakchi imported by Japan is on the increase. And the phakchi boom in Japan doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon, so that trend is more than likely to continue to increase.

However, despite phakchi’s popularity with women, it’s also interesting to see that men remain almost completely uninterested.

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