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Tokyo Photographer you ought to know, Yoshikazu Aizawa


Yoshikazu Aizawa is a photographer with a firm footing in Tokyo. His works capture images of scenes from ordinary everyday life.

Here we will take a look at this photographer and his photos of women with listless expressions in non-specific places that are currently attracting attention on SNS in Japan.

The ‘sorrow of city life’ and a hint of sensuality in everyday existence are elements of Aizawa’s photos. There are artistic works that many to package together these aspects of the chaos that is the great metropolis of Tokyo.

Aizawa works with fashion brands and still photography as a professional photographer. But he also reveals photos that he takes in his free time on his Instagram and Tumbler accounts. His odd and interesting perspective has gained him many fans and followers who have been fascinated by his works.


相澤 義和 / Yoshikazu Aizawaさん(@aizawa_yo)が投稿した写真 –


相澤 義和 / Yoshikazu Aizawaさん(@aizawa_yo)が投稿した写真 –

Top Photo: ©aizawayoshikazuphotography

Yoshikazu Aizawa Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aizawa_yo/
Tumbler: http://aizawaphoto.tumblr.com/


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