This may change entertainment in Japan forever! Making the changeover from ‘Yuru-Chara’ to rapper?


2016 hot topics in the entertainment world were the anime movie ‘Your Name’, and television drama ‘Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu’. However, another trend that is already gaining ground with Japan’s youth is a hip hop boom that hasn’t been seen since the nineties. Variety TV show viewers will have noticed more that a few rappers making TV appearances of late, and are said to experience another extreme boom in the coming year.

(Photo by クレジット)
Photo by 国宝・彦根城築城410年祭

Chinza DOPENESS, in particular, is highly popular, having featured in a commercial for booking.com, COLEMAN, Kirin, and UNIQLO last year, and is continuing to expand from the hip-hop scene into the wider entertainment world in Japan.

He has a close relationship with one of Japan’s top actresses Ko Shibasaki, who will star in the new Taiga Drama airing from January 2017 ‘Onna jōshu Naotora’. Chinza DOPENESS features in the campaign movie for the 410 anniversary since construction was completed on Hikone Castle, a national treasure, located in Hikone City in Shiga Prefecture, the setting for ‘Onna jōshu Naotora’. After it was released in December of last year it was an instant hit.

This video is ‘Hikone ni tsudoe’, promotion movie for the 410 anniversary since the completion of national treasure Hikone Castle. Chinza Dopeness is in his elements has he raps while playing his role of castle lord.

(Photo by クレジット)
Photo by 国宝・彦根城築城410年祭

Director Kota Iguchi led his creative team CEKAI/TYMOTE on this project. HIFANA took care of the music production. Both the visuals and sounds went viral for their high quality.

Shiga prefecture’s Hikone City is actually synonymous with the character ‘Hikonyan’, who fronted the yuru-chara boom that swept across Japan back in 2007. Hikone Castle is the setting for this new movie, a whole 10 years since the creation of Hikonyan. In an attempt to create a new symbol on the occasion of the castle’s 410th anniversary, scenes from the castle with the lord and his subjects have been set to music and styled like a music video. The video allows viewers to enjoy the castle keep and history from a new artistic perspective.

(Photo by クレジット)
Photo by ひこにゃん公式サイト

And so, the Yuru-chara boom that dominated Japan for the past ten years has begun to fade and is to be replaced by ‘rappers’, on the internet, TV, and all areas of Japan’s entertainment culture.

Chinza DOPENESS’s appearance in the special movie for the release of the aforementioned new Taiga drama ‘Onna jōshu Naotora’ in December of last year is evidence of this new boom. This special movie also features Ko Shibasaki, Haruma Miura, Yasuko Mitsuura, Masayo Umezawa, and Marin. They perform a rap styled a-la-sengoku period in this live version of the show as a result of the director’s research into current trends in entertainment. And just as Hikone Castle, a national treasure, celebrates its 410th anniversary, the show is also turning out to be something that really reverberates with the youth of Japan.

(Photo by クレジット)
Photo by NHK YouTube Channel スクリーンショット

In recent years, Yuru-chara such as Funasshi and Kumamon have dominated the public stage. However, Japanese entertainment culture looks like it’s getting a makeover in 2017, with a shift from these characters to rappers who are hugely popular with Japan’s youth. And they look to keep gaining popularity since their recent break last year. Remember the name Chinza DOPENESS if you want to stay on top of the latest entertainment news in Japan!

National Treasure Hikone Castle 410th Anniversary
HP: http://hikone-410th.com/

TOP Photo: 右:国宝・彦根城築城410年祭, 左: ひこにゃん公式サイト


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