A huge hit with both guys and girls, this super popular model Rola is drop dead gorgeous as a bride, and here’s why.


US box office hit movie star ‘Resident Evil: The final chapter’ and Japanese model Rola stars in the commercial for Kansai’s largest wedding location and wedding service search engine’s biggest event ‘Bridal Festa by Hanayume’. Rola is super cute dressed as a bride, and her popularity is booming among both young men and women in Japan.

The event of the commercial that Rola appears in is the largest bridal event held by Kansai wedding venue and bridal search engine. The ‘Bridal Festa by Hanayume’ is the largest bridal event in the whole region. It is an incredibly popular event especially for couples starting to plan their weddings, as guests can compare Kansai’s top wedding venues in the one place as well as get loads of wedding information.

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(Photo by エイチーム)

One of the attractive points of this event is the annual wedding dress fittings, where guests can try on the latest designs and have their photo taken by a professional photographer. There is plenty to choose from, pleasing even the fussiest of brides to be! Whats more, last year’s hit S1 (Sweets 1) contest will also be held, so that guests have the special chance to try out desserts from the top wedding venues.

And the reason that the commercial featuring Rola has gained so much attention is not only because of her cuteness but also for the latest technology employed in the making of the commercial that allows viewers to interact virtually with her.

You can enjoy a 3DCG effect by wearing special goggles when watching the ‘Rola HanaYume Wedding VR’. The scene changes depending on where and how you turn your head, allowing for a 90° degree perspective, creating the illusion of actually being inside the visuals. This commercial was created using a form of innovative technology that is starting to be used in music videos, television games, and so on. On a side note, you have to attend this event in order to enjoy Rola’s virtual reality wedding.

On the other hand, footage of super popular Rola dressed as a bride is currently available on YouTube, where you can watch the version where she searches for a wedding venue and a heavenly voice sends her a sign to her mobile phone to search using Hana Kome, as well as the version where she has found a venue and is having her wedding and banquet. For those of you who want to see Rola in all her beauty and cuteness, check out the videos.

And there is even more. Hola features on the HanaYume official website, answering a few interview questions such as “What do you think of wedding ceremonies? How was it to experience a wedding ceremony like this?”. And she answers by saying that, “I think a wedding ceremony is a symbol of the connection between two people, and that is an important day marking the coming together of two people with a deep bond! Since filming for the commercial, I have gotten more excited about doing it for real in the future, and get excited simply by thinking about who I might marry, where we will marry, and what kind of wedding we could have!”. She also reveals her dream wedding, held on a rood tip in New York, with the best and coolest music playing, and with the sun setting in the background. She also spoke about how she thinks the next big trend in wedding venues will be places that are brimming with green, venues where the bride and groom can have a little garden style wedding.

Women want to be the cute bride, and guys also want to have a beautiful bride by their side. This commercial allows us all to have a little peep at that ideal. How does the venue in the video match up to your dream wedding location?

Top Photo : エイチーム


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