New Sailor Moon goodies for grown-ups!


Calling all sailor gentlemen to protect women in Japan!

The cute heart shaped package has an image of sailor moon on it.
Its packaging doesn’t do anything to suggest that there are condoms in it.
Yes, it’s true, these are condoms!

(Photo by クレジット)

(Photo by 朝日新聞)

In recent years, syphilis infection has increased in Japan.
Women must protect themselves against syphilis and other STDs.
The ministry for labor and welfare came up with this initiative in order to increase awareness of STDs among women. The began the sailor moon condom campaign.
There is no telling that they are contraceptives at a glance, and the cute packaging makes it all the easier for girls to pick up.

(Photo by クレジット)

(Photo by 朝日新聞)

‘You’ll be punished if you don’t get a check up!’ is the catchphrase written on the package.
And yes, this does catch a lot of people’s attention.
This unique campaign looks like it will be a success.
These condoms are distributed along with pamphlets to local governments, but just where can you get your hands on them?


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