Does Samurai Spirit mean something different to everyone? Top 3 Comedy Samurai Movies!


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Samurai have a famous history and unique Japanese battle techniques.

Japan’s famous Samurai Spirit, doesn’t necessarily have to be solemn, does it?

Here we will introduce samurai themed movies, that will tickle your rib. Read on our top 3 ‘Samurai Comedy’ movies!

Watch out for each of their respective battles fought proudly!

Samurai Cat Series

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Set in the final days of the Tokugawa Shogunate, a feared genius swordsman Kutaro, known as the ‘spotted devil’, receives a request from self-proclaimed dog lovers Yonezawa family, to kill their enemy cat lovers, the Hosogawa’s cat, Anago. However, Kutaro is about to assassinate the cat as planned, but he gets emotionally attached, and instead of killing the cat, he decides without consulting anyone in particular, to keep Anago to live with him.

Scabbard Samurai (Saya Zamurai)

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Something happens that makes Nomi decides to flee his life with his daughter, leaving his sword behind him. However, while he is on the run, he is eventually captured, and ordered to make a certain boy who does to smile, to smile within 30 days. If he cannot make the boy smile, he must commit harakiri. As proud as a samurai can he, he treats the viewers to a comedic performance.

Mission Impossible: Samurai

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The tradition of Daimyo walking to Edo (current Tokyo) under a system of alternate attendance under which feudal lords were forced to go up to Edo and reside there to serve the shogun in alternate years is the theme of this movie.

A poor clan that has little money and little people, receive orders to come to Edo within 5 days, over a distance that normally takes 8 days. They are attacked by unseen assailants, and falling into a well is just one of the many troubles to plague them as these samurais hurry to reach in this comedy movie.


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